On the fourth of July, 2007 Caleb Potter was involved in a skateboarding accident.
He suffered serious injuries and continues to need all of our positive thoughts and prayers.
This blog is to serve as a space for updates on Caleb's journey of recovery.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Mumsie's Tuesday tidbits

Sorry -I was just notifed that Caleb's surgery is put off till next Wed., first thing in the morn..but a good turn out at the prayer circle is always welcomed from our point of view. Caleb had a very big day - he had his treach tube taken out - this time officially by the Doctor instead of Caleb. So the next major possiblility is that he will be able to start eating real food and gain some of that weight back. So bring on the chocoloate shakes, the marzipan and the cotton candy! He is doing well with therapy and actually gets a kick out of it - it's great to be stacking cones, throwing balls and taking first steps down the hallway - Caleb missed all these steps when he was little cause he just crawled outside and did his own thing out in the woods beyond. It has been so heart warnming to have the first trickle of friends coming up on weekends - I know you will all make it here sooner or later, but thanks for being patient. Everyday we have an excursion to the great outdoors - Caleb looking cool in his designer shades. Tom Cruise could never look that good in a wheelchair I tell you. His spirits are down a bit but we did manage to get a slight smile out of him. I am touched by how many of you who write on this blog don't even know Caleb. I sense that there must be a little something inside of you that relates to Caleb on some level .. do you have a secret desire to say something just a bit off color and laugh with great abandon afterwards, do you wish to throw caution to the wind ,to break out of the monotony of your life for one day, to have more zest than all the oranges at Stop and Shop? You've got the feel all right! Caleb and I are right where we are supposed to be - go enjoy yourselves at the Caleb's wicked jag or wherever you find yourself. Celebrate, Celebrate - the pirate is turning into the wind and will be sailing back soon. Love, mumsie

Prayer Circle Tonight!

Caleb is going in for another surgery tomorrow morning so we are calling for another big turn out on the Wellfleet Town Hall Lawn this evening (9 pm). Please join us in pulling together our strength and postive thoughts for Caleb. The circle fluctuates in size throughout the days but it's so great to have so many of you there on the eve of Caleb's "big days". Hope to see you there tonight.
with love...

Monday, July 30, 2007

Mumsie's Monday messages

Caleb is a kick in the pants - Jen is here - we are trying to take Caleb outside each day and Jen thought to bring bread along - Caleb had a blast feeding the geese till he decided that he was damn tired of liquid food and tried eating it. He cracks me up. More improvement as always... he wrote a letter to Jen after she called him bubsie ( a nickname I call him) " Is that what you call me because I'm special?" His writing becomes more legiable with each try. His walking has intensity to it... I can see his determination for this because he smells freedom in it. He still has difficulty lifting his head upright - he is listing to the left, but when reminded he can correct it himself; he is down about 20 pounds -all of which he has transfered to me. I can't wait till we drive into Fleet -Caleb looking radient and fit and me at his side weighing in at 250. Jen is always a pleasant suprise for Caleb and he tries even harder at his chores for the day. We are well as can be, snuggled into our new cozy home full of all kinds of wonders and miracles. The people who come through here will bring you to your knees. Some of them have such a rough road ahead of them and still look you in the eye with pride and dignity. I am humbled by the might! Caleb has his own intensity goin - He is Flippin cool! Sleep tight my loves. Love mumsie

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Sunday at mums

Hello out there- I'm sorry I didn't update you yesterday - my beloved sons, Kai and Max came up to spend the night and we had a real dinner out with a glass of wine - so delightful and so like our past life. It was wonderful to just sit and talk like normal people( OK - I know what you are going to say). Cedar came by yesterday - got a pat, pat on the head and a kiss on the cheek, and went home happier than he arrived. Today that fabulous trio - Shaye, The Judii and Ethan came up with Max and Kai and I have to say that I have never seen the nursing staff pay so much attention before to room 802 - ouu lala! Caleb is now exhausted and sound asleep. He had quite the outing; we buckled him in his chair and took him outside for the 1st time, followed the Charles for a bit and watched a few geese who were curious about us till they discovered we had no food. He drew what we think is a treasure map for Ethan or it could be directions for his shellfish grant, but non the less - he is drawing and writing a bit! Caleb seems to be better everyday that I wake. There were no limitations on my fears when he was little and I was a new mom - the scrapes on the knees, a slip in the tub,later a smile from a dangerous man or the alluring lure of a young lady. Now I know that there are not enough hours in a day to cover fears and when something like this happens it is only the spirit which determines if you will crumble into a puddle of tears or lift your face to take the punch. Caleb has given me the strength and courage to take the punches. I send my prayer out with the morning sun - I set my intentions for him and then I wait. Love to you all, Mum

Caleb in his element

(photos by Clint Austin, Nicole Miner, Sky Freyss-Cole and ...)

Friday, July 27, 2007

Mumsie's Fridaty report

Thank you all for a wild, wonderful night of celebration at Mayo beach! I so adore that all of you took the time to be with Caleb in spirit and to dance and sing and celebrate life! It is important to me that each of you take the time to appreciate everything that you have today -to be grateful for abundance! Caleb is now on medication to spark the brain and it seems to be working - after removal of his wires in the jaw he was able to form some words and said "hi mum" very clearly! He is more alert and lively and is now drawing on a pad of paper in his room with his dad by his side. As many of you know, my relationship with Jan has been difficult at best and now Caleb has unified us - just one more powerful miracle he has pulled off! Caleb can dress himself,is following commands and can let us know if he is happy or uncomfortable...from a mothers stand point - this is major for my peace of mind. So many positive stories and situations have transpired since Calebs accident and I know we have all been touched and changed by this. Thank you for being respectful of our privacy and healing time.. Caleb loves you all as you know but he needs to work and rest hard! He is wiped out when he finishes therapy - and therapy is my main focus right now-- that is what will get him home sooner. I am trying to tone this report down a bit as one of my dear friends did remind me that www means world wide web -woops- I just thought a few of my friends were following this - well apparently not! Hi to all of you out there. I am mumsie and I'm glad your aboard for the sail on the sometimes rough seas of Calebs world - but I promise you - the ride is worth it!

Ace Hardware Raffle for Caleb

Two "massive" concrete scallop shells are being raffled off by Dave and the guys at the Eastham Ace Hardware.
Dave sculpts these (2.5 feet in diameter) shells on his jobsites.
One is gray and one is brown.
Delivery (to anywhere on Cape Cod) is included with the prize!
Tickets are being sold for a $1 donation to the Caleb Potter Benefit Fund.
Tickets sales will continue for another week or so.

Thank you Dave and the Ace Hardware Crew!
And to the rest of you, go get your tickets!

Wednesday, August 1st: CaLeB's WiCkEd JaG

As you can see below, there is going to be one WICKED JAG at the Wicked Oyster on West Main Street in Wellfleet this Wednesday night. Bring your wallets and your dancing shoes!


Three cheers to the Wicked Crew, J Trees and Squidda for putting this one together. We love ya!

Oh What A Night!

Thank you so much to EVERYONE to volunteered, sang, ate, danced, talked, mingled, laughed and DONATED at the Caleb Potter Wellfest last night! What an incredible evening it was! This little place we call Wellfleet is pretty amazing. Keep it up guys. And to Caleb and Sharyn, damn we wish you could have been there with us! Let's try to get our hands on some video footage. Does anyone out there know who was shooting? Let me know: novembersky.freysscole@gmail.com
p.s. Send me your Wellfest photos!

Photos by Ryan Birchall:

The Rip It Ups

Selling raffle tickets by the dozen

Patty Larkin belts it out

Sky and Carol

Ennie and Cedar

Settie sings sanskrit

Dancing up a storm

Thanks to Allison Paine for the following photos:

Photo collage


...And more shucking

Loading up the plates

Bob Paine, Allison and Chopper

And thanks to Kevin Scalley for the next five photos:

Packed parking lot

The crowd

Jodi on the mic

More dancing!

Enjoying the show

Thursday, July 26, 2007

going back to Spaulding

It was so wonderful to be home for a short visit to Fleet and to be a part of the prayer group. What a sight to see - all of you who love Caleb and cherish him as we do! He is being transported back to Spaulding today and will resume Physical Therapy for one week at which time he will travel again to Mass General for what will be his last surgery! They will make an incision at the hairline and will go into the left area of the skull to lift up some of the bones over the eye so as to get rid of that droopy hangover look that some of you recognize Caleb by. At that point we as a family will determine if he can continue with his therapy at Spaulding affiliate in Sandwich. He is back at his antics again so soon after surgery- I put a swab in his moth to give him a bit of water and he bit it off and started chewing on it like an ole farmer crews on straw! As the weeks go on and he is stronger, all of you will play a big part in his healing, so it would be nice to have him a bit closer to Fleet! Caleb will need pictures of all of you, music,movies and just your beautiful and handsome faces looking into his, keeping his spirits up! Thanks for all the "eye" stories - you all continue to amaze me- I thought this news might put you off a bit - but no - now you are off and running with one eyed stories and pirate and patchy themes! God - do I cherish all of you! If you have a chance to go to the concert tonight, say hello to Dennis who is that hot Doc. who gave me his apt for the summer and I want to thank all of Caleb's nurses who follow the blog religiously - two of them live on the Cape. He is fine and will rock on one eyed-Mum

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

out of surgery

God bless you all! Caleb is out of surgery and lookin great! His plastic surgeon pulled the sagging left side up a bit ( wish they could have done a two for the price of one) and he is resting. He has lost the sight in his left eye but we have to remember that he is the greatest modern day pirate and along with that he must have the look! Now the real work of bringing him up to full speed at full tilt begins - so go join Jodi at Mayo beach and celebrate the great, wondrous spirit of Caleb Potter! I love you. Mum

Out of Surgery!

God bless you all - Caleb is with us - and looking great! He has indeed lost the sight in his left eye- but we all must keep in mind that we are talking about the world's greatest modern day pirate and he must have the look! He is resting and has given me several hugs and kisses and keeps running his hands over his jaw with relief. He will be transferred back to Spaulding after a good nights sleep and we will begin the "work" of bring him back to full tilt- full speed. Please join Jodi at Mayo beach on Thursday to celbrate the spirit of Caleb Potter. I love you .Mum

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

SATURDAY: Winslow's Benefit

Join us on Saturday, July 28th at Winslow's Tavern for "An Almost Acoustic Show for Caleb"

Music from 9pm-1am

Big Ben
The Utility Muffin Research Kitchen
Theresa Rogers & John Huge
Little Teddy Tuesday & Friends

If you're looking for a great night out this weekend, you can find the masses at Winslow's
at 316 Main Street
(Right across the street from the Wellfleet Spirits Shoppe)

A portion of the proceeds from the bar will be donated to the Caleb Potter Benefit Fund from 5:30 PM ON!!!

Great thanks to the Winslow's crew for getting this together.

Spread the word and bring a friend!

THURSDAY: Caleb Potter Wellfest


July 26, 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Mayo Beach, Wellfleet

The Caleb Potter Benefit Fund will be holding a fundraising concert on Thursday, July 26, from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm at Mayo Beach, Wellfleet. The Rip It Ups will be appearing with special guests. Twenty-one local fishermen are donating and shucking oysters and littlenecks. There will be a 50/50 raffle. Pirate flags and t-shirts will be sold as well. All funds raised will go to the Caleb Potter Benefit Fund.


The mission of the Caleb Potter Benefit Fund is to collectively fundraise with respect and integrity for the purpose of financial help for the Estate of Caleb Potter; to be used for uncovered medical expenses, living expenses, and any other related costs as the family and legal guardians of Caleb deem necessary.

For further information on fundraising events to benefit the Caleb Potter fund, please contact Morgan Clark at 508.360.8177 or publicrelations@calebpotter.com.

Please Pray for Caleb - Mum

Tomorrow is a big day for Caleb - So big prayers are in order ! I am back home in Fleet today to re-group with my other miraculous son's and will be joining all of you at the prayer circle tonight - all of you who are here in person and all of you from a distance. . . Between 9 pm. tonight and 10:00, lets send those doctors restorative energy, and lots of love so that everything that can go well for Caleb, does! Every thought that you have of Caleb is a prayer, every prayer for Caleb is a miracle in the making.... Hold him ever so close in your hearts tonight . ... I will sign off with a quote sent from my dear friend Ellen- "Faith is the power to stand up to the madness of the physical world, while holding the position that nothing has authority over what heaven has in mind for me." " Let's kick some ass" -that is my quote - Love Mumsie

Monday, July 23, 2007

Monday Mumsie

Hello out there---Caleb is sitting up in his wheelchair,hangin with Jen and doing speech therapy- he can make humming sounds with his throat and they downsized his tube which means one step closer to having no tube in his throat at all. After the wires are removed in his jaw on Wed. they will cap the tube and if he breathes well on his own for 2 or 3 days - out it comes. He clearly understands so many things - Jen puts her head down to his and he gives her kisses- each morn he hugs me back and gives a kiss on the cheek - he will respond to questions that require a yes or no answer and seems to comprehend most things asked of him. This is monumental! After one hour of therapy he is down for the count and sleeps soundly which is important because when Caleb is bored - we all suffer! He is a bit thinner than all of you would remeber, but I am confident that we can get him back in the saddle , beef him up and get him right back on that broncho. I bless all of you who have helped my family and myself get through this to date - Caleb is so courageous and willing to move forward to wherever he can go in one days time - that is my motto with him - just one day Caleb, just one day at a time. Love to you all. Mum

Leb's favorite...

by Shel Silverstein

My beard grows to my toes,
I never wears no clothes,
I wraps my hair
Around my bare,
And down the road I goes.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Tell everyone!

Caleb will be having another surgery on Wednesday. This time the wires in his jaw will be coming out and the doctors will be working to repair his left eye.
PLEASE join us on the Wellfleet Town Hall Lawn for the prayer circle on TUESDAY NIGHT. We want this to be a big one. Together we can help save Caleb's eye. As we all know the power of prayer and positive thought is what has gotten Caleb this far, let's give another big push together! See you at 9pm (Tuesday).

Back on the flats in no time...

Caleb, we know you're itching to get back out on the flats. We're workin' on it Bill. We love you!

photos: Nate Johnson

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Good ol' Wellfleet

muchas gracias to andy for the art and to tracy, fred, symon and reese for providing the space.

July 21 mumsie

So I knew that things would be interesting sooner or later - but Caleb has chosen sooner- of course! I was shaving his stubble this am and he was feigning sleep -- so I removed his mitts which are like mittens ,which I am allowed to do. When I turned my back for a second he yanked off his condom for urinating (I new he would go there first) and then pulled out his IV with a glint in his eye and blood running down his arm, he waved his arms high in the air as if to say "I'm done with those mumsie"! Send in the back-up- it's gonna be hell up here for the duration! For any of you concerned with how I am doing .. It's just not fair - I thought you were expected to lose weight when under stress - I have gained 5 - We are hangin in - That was so nice of the fire dept to hold a car wash... and as always I am blown away by all of the wonderful things all of you do for Caleb on so many levels. I'm taking the day off tomorrow from the computer - so expect a message on Monday. Sending warmth and love from Caleb coupled with mischievous misconduct! Gotta get back to his bedside see what he has done now. Love, mumsie

Friday, July 20, 2007

Scrub a dub dub

The Wellfleet Firemens Relief Association
will be having a CAR WASH to benefit Caleb

WHEN: Tomorrow>Saturday, July 21st 9am-12
WHERE: Wellfleet Cinemas Parking Lot

All proceeds will be donated to the Caleb Potter Benefit Fund

A big thank you to our fire- men and women for your generosity...
Have fun tomorrow!

Photo Update

Kai asked me to post these photos that were taken of Caleb yesterday (July19th).

"our beautiful boy giving the thumbs up. (shortly after he threw up the rage sign and had a mock fist fight with a nurse he wasn't getting along with)"

with love, Sky

Our Pirate in Action

Caleb has made leaps and bounds in his recovery in these two weeks. Let's all continue to keep him in our minds and our hearts and envision him as the energetic and strong Yellowbeard he is.

Thanks Shaye for the images.
..July 4th this year..
(click on the photos to enlarge)