On the fourth of July, 2007 Caleb Potter was involved in a skateboarding accident.
He suffered serious injuries and continues to need all of our positive thoughts and prayers.
This blog is to serve as a space for updates on Caleb's journey of recovery.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

So what is it that the Universe has called upon us as a family to become as a result of Caleb's accident? I believe that she never gives one person a lesson when she can affect 3, maybe 4 people...so she bunches us together as friends and enemies ( who are really our angels because they force us to become more than we could ever allow ourselves to be without them) and she delivers a powerful commandment...go forth and become who it is that you were meant to be...who it is that you already decided on another level- that it is that you want to become. So efficient she is!

For Jan I would say that he was meant to understand love for himself in a way that he never allowed in..for Max, to give up his self destructive tendencies and to listen to the pure music that plays in his soul...so beautiful! For Kai to follow his passions and to never again belittle himself because he is such a big person...more than he could ever know,and for me to find herself, even at this seemingly late date...and to experience forgiveness.
I have turned a corner as of late...I have spoken these words to Caleb, and I share them with you ....I hold you, dear one in my heart forever, but I must live my life now, and with that comes the faith, the trust, that you too are doing the same. You are my teacher. I stare into the eyes of the vibrant being of you before the accident, and I realize that you continue to affect people even in your reduced state more than anyone I have ever encountered. I hold you tenderly in my arms, but more so, I hold you in my being...for you have walked me down a new path..and have shown me a new way to love. My heart has opened and I love you now more that ever before, because you demonstrate what life should be.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Hellllllooooo Tooo every-one who read my writings and decided to write me back!!!!
SOOOO OHHH YEAHHHH .....thank you THANK You ...THANK YOU to everyone who took the time to write me a wonderfully nice little message!!! SOOO OHH yeahhhh!!! THIS Is only the 2nd time ever that I Have been on this web site SOO it Is taking me a little toooooo long to write down my blog answers...but lets all just forget about that one for now....OKAY-DOKAYYYY !!!!! Well lets see here Winter time is finally changed over to a nice warmer Spring time thank god....because winter was really kind of nasty wet and freezing cold...and I couldn't wait until the warmer weather was here.....AND now it isssss SOOOO YIPPPPPIEEE F'ing AAAAAA!!! I AM done being cold...I'd rather the nice warm weather....Soooo Bring it on Nice new season...BRING IT ONNNNN!!!!!!! YIPPIEEEE NICE New Weather is what I'm AllS about ...Sooo COME on world weather....Bring It ONNNNN!!!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

from Caleb himself!

HELLOOOOO!!!! Helllloooooo..!! to all of you nice people out there in this magnificant world......So people,,,I don't really get it!! Why there are so many of you out there reading about my boring little life !!! BUT thanks anyways....keep it up because I really love all of you people out there in this fine looking world....SOOOO Ohhh Yeahhh!!!! keep on writing more and more and I will also Write back as soon as possible...SOOOO ALLL Of my amazing friends thank all of you sooo very much and keep it up If you want tooo... well well....goodbye for now all of my computer friends

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Dusty Finch

As you will remember, Gracie was Caleb's first girlfriend. She is a young lady of substance and as her name depicts; grace. Her mother, Dusty; an Earth mother..kind, generous,loving and fun.
As a mother who's son was now intertwined with a new family, I found myself harboring new fears...would they like him, be kind to him, accept him? Dusty and Caleb became fast friends. A week ago Dusty handed over a note to her Grace that Caleb had written to her years ago..she had saved it all this time.
I was always grateful for her..that she could see in Caleb what I could see, and comforted that he had an extended family who's kindness had no bounds.
I remember the day Dusty walked into her big beautiful yard with giant oaks towering above, tucking us under their leaves to keep us from the burning sun. She held a wooden bowl as big as a bushel basket and was stirring her latest concoction - rice crispy treats as she announced to all that she didn't have time to press them into a pan..we could just ball them up with our hands and eat them as is! That to me was her spirit..take me as I am, no pretension, and always with a hint of mischief.

Now there are days when I can still get to feeling pretty sorry for myself over our situation with Caleb, but I am trying to remember that we are not alone. Life can be tricky sometimes; forcing us to grow in ways we don't feel ready for or well equipped for. There are joyous days and very sad days...the roller coaster of life that lifts us high and dumps us down. I cherish the up days..the days of eating rice crispy treats, the days of peace and calm, the days of love and laughter, the sharing of our journey with the people who treat us kindly..like the Dusty Finch's of the world..... who passed away yesterday.
Grace still has the note, and I will always have the memories.