On the fourth of July, 2007 Caleb Potter was involved in a skateboarding accident.
He suffered serious injuries and continues to need all of our positive thoughts and prayers.
This blog is to serve as a space for updates on Caleb's journey of recovery.

Sunday, January 9, 2011


Just wanted to follow up on all of you who donated to my young friend, either with kind words and thought ( which is more powerful than we can know) or those of you who were able to send checks. Through a mutual friend I was able to sneak a wrapped package into her Christmas tree with $800.00 cash in it...and then collected $1000.00 more which arrived after Christmas and was sent off to her by bank check. Thank you all so very much. You should now realize what I have learned...sending a card of admiration, sending a meaningful gift, sending anything off with anonymity and with no thought of a thank you in return is the best gift you will ever give! It is giving in it's purest form. Thank you helping me with this!

I have been inspired to concentrate my efforts and energy and will host an annual fundraiser to help my new group of brain injured. My desire is to help provide them with richer lives. The first annual Potter plunge will take place on April Fools day (in honor of Jan) at Long Pond. Hot chocolate and a warm stove to thaw out is to follow at my place. Anyone who wants to donate to the cause and to be honored for their efforts by jumping in with a Potter can join in. ( Max is wearing a wet suit he says).
Funds will go directly to my little team of 4 brain injured friends from Truro to Orleans. Caleb - injured in a skateboarding accident, Chris..an art student who fell down a flight of stairs, David; oxygen deprived from birth, Todd a famous bike racer who crashed. We will include my young lady friend when she is ready.
So dig out those musty old bathing suits...or not! We look forward to seeing you! Perhaps literally! Mark it on your calendars! I'll keep you posted.


NY/Wellfleet Mom said...

Thank you for spearheading this effort, Sharyn. My thoughts continue to be with your young friend.

Keep me posted about the April 1 fundraiser. I don't swim, and thus will not be taking the (brrrrrr) "Potter Plunge," but would like to participate somehow, nonetheless.

NY/Wellfleet Mom

Neil said...

That's a great message on many accounts- happy to hear how many people contributed to help the young lady and I love your idea about the Potter Plunge (much better idea than the Potty Plunge I tried to organize once). We'll see about making it on 4/1 in person, and I'll promise to opt for clothing, otherwise I'm sure that no one else will show up. Happy New Year to you and the boys,

Love, Neil and Carrie

amy in ct said...

what a great idea. hard to think of going in the water with 22" of snow out there from today but please keep us posted and let me know how to donate because we will not be up there on april 1st.
love and peace to you all!
amy in ct

HeidiTri's said...