On the fourth of July, 2007 Caleb Potter was involved in a skateboarding accident.
He suffered serious injuries and continues to need all of our positive thoughts and prayers.
This blog is to serve as a space for updates on Caleb's journey of recovery.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Art opening

I have spent the last two days hanging the art show for Caleb, and hanging my emotions out on the clothesline. I feel dried up! I teeter between cheers and tears at all times. Looking at his pre- injured art and what he can do now is a vivid picture of great accomplishment and at the same time a telling story of what is now. I am so proud to be doing this and so sad to be doing this! Will this be my life from now on?

Tracy is the owner of the gallery..a young woman who I met when I was young with children the age of hers now. We spoke slightly and delicately of the bond of women and fathers and their children...and she voiced the fears that all humans have- how to keep them safe! I don't want to tell her that there are forces beyond us that we cannot understand that collide and take us to places we do not want to visit. I wish for her that she will not ever visit the places I have been.
But here we are now...sad, lonely, happy, elated...so many mixed emotions which cannot be swallowed at once. Perhaps the last lines of the bio that I wrote for Caleb sums it up- His family wants you to go home and hug those who you love best as they now know so well how quickly life can shift.
And Caleb wants you to know that he is the "coolest Man on Earth" and that he needs a girlfriend.


Jeff- in the Berkshires said...

Have a great show!!!

Amy said...

Where is the show, and how long will it be up? We won't be down to the Cape til early May, but would love to see it.

Neil said...

Thought of you and Caleb a lot this weekend and hope that the opening was great. I would love to have been there and seen Caleb's art- I think it would be inspirational,

Love Neil and Carrie

janet said...

It was beautiful and fun, very crowded, friendly, inspiring, and from all appearances a big success. Congratulations Sharyn, Caleb, and friends!

Ellen Webb said...

Can't wait to hear how it all turned out from your perspective! And I agree, Caleb needs a girlfriend . . .

lselker said...

I hope the opening went great. I found a YouTube video of the Cape Cast about Caleb and the art show. Good video! You guys are so inspiring. You both looked great and very happy. It made my afternoon to see that.

Caleb - congrats on your first art show man!

Lauren in CT

Amy said...

i didnt see this post until today, you did a wonderful thing having that opening, we had a great time. it was inspiring. inspiring for caleb and the progress he has made,not only in ability but socially as well.
he was shining that night in his spiffy duds.
and you were glowing too... but that may have been because of the heat (haha)...
you are doing great with your new philanthropy style of life. you do so many good things for caleb and his buddies and so many others too. i hope that you are feeling fulfilled as well.

you inspire me every time i see you.
take care of yourself and keep your face up to the sun!
we LOVE you!
amy weirs (in ct)

haley.jane said...
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